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In 2021, we came across a novel concept – taking a fashionable and eco-forward step toward a better future by creating stylish and comfortable footwear from discarded tyres. We put our full effort into making Cockatoe happen, and as a result, Cockatoe was born.


The word cockatoe comes from the name of the bird Cockatoo, which has brightly coloured feathers and is thought to be intelligent. We want to embody our eco-friendly and animal-friendly values, as well as our ambition to be unique and comfortable in our own right. At Cockatoe, we want you to feel good about yourself and preserving the eco-system by taking care of the planet as a whole while we work towards a holistic approach in achieving full sustainability by implementing practices that promote true equality and environmental ethics.


Upcycling is at the heart of what we do. We use loads and loads of discarded rubber, from old tyres, conveyor belts, and rubber mats, and upcycle them to create soles for our footwear without involving any chemical processes. We've also experimented with upcycling cork, and by combining it with locally and ethically sourced raw materials and we're able to create footwear that is both uniquely comfortable and sustainably stylish.


The significant reason that we see from our product is that it is entirely handcrafted without the use of machinery. These shoes are stitched and created by a local cobbler who is struggling to make ends meet, and we are proud to be their business partner in the endeavour of creating a platform to improve their income and quality of life.